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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Help me !!! am from Syria


I am Hussein Ali from Syria, presently now with the United Nations
on asylum. I got your contact from a web business directory on
investment. Please I seek your assistance in the following ways:

1.To assist me look for a profitable business in your country (where I can
invest to sustain my living until the political crisis in my country is

2. To assist me purchase a living home, .I have huge sum fifteen million us dollars in
financial institution .Should there be a need for an evidence, or a
prove of my seriousness and genuineness. I have a Certificate of Deposit as
a prove of fund.

Please assist me to come over to your country for resettlement and
investment. I will compensate you greatly for this help. I am also ready to
associate with a local partner, provided

Your Government will give me a Residence Permit.

Could you please send me an email on ( ) to enable me know you
have received my email.

Hussein Ali.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Erik Steiner's invitation is awaiting your response

Erik Steiner would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?
Erik Steiner
Erik Steiner
Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Operations Steiner Hearing Instruments ltd
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Erik Steiner's invitation is awaiting your response

Erik Steiner would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond?
Erik Steiner
Erik Steiner
Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Operations Steiner Hearing Instruments ltd
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

Erik Steiner
From Erik Steiner
Director at ADTS

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Erik

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Latest Stories on Hearing and HIs - March 14th 2009

Listen up: The age of tricked out hearing aids is here
Globe and Mail - Canada
It's a typical weekday morning and you're going through your daily wardrobe
checklist before leaving the house. If you're a guy, you may be pondering

The pleasure of hearing
Dumfries and Galloway Standard - Dumfries,UK
If you decide to purchase the hearing aids you will then get aftercare and
adjustments to the hearing aid for as long as you have the own them. ...

Listening Up in a Down Economy: Hearing Aids Prove to Be Effective
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
"When people with even mild hearing loss use hearing aids, they improve
their job performance, increase their earning potential, enhance their
communication ...

Man accused in killing-kidnapping gets hearing aids
Dayton Daily News - Dayton,OH,USA
... of killing a Harrison Twp. woman and kidnapping her 4-year-old son has
been fitted with court-ordered hearing aids, his attorney said Tuesday,
March 10. ...

Medical Equipments: Flexible Circuits in Hearing Aids
SMT Magazine - Nashua,NH,USA
By Thomas H. Stearns, Brander International Consultants Hearing aids were
one of the first modern medical electronic devices worn on the patient....

Demant entering market of bone-anchored hearing aids - UK
Unlike conventional hearing aids, the bone-anchored devices require a
surgical procedure to implant them in the bone behind the ear. ...

Demant FY EBIT 1 bln dkk, eyes product launches
Reuters - USA
... the mid-range price segment and said it would start to develop
bone-anchored hearing aids, which target people who cannot be helped with
ordinary aids. ...

Childen's hearing aid bill to receive joint public hearing
Beaver Dam Daily Citizen - Beaver Dam,WI,USA
This bill would require group and individual insurance companies to provide
coverage for hearing aids and cochlear implants for children who are deaf

Five out of 1000 children in Pune have hearing problems
Times of India - India
"Early diagnosis and intervention through hearing aids or cochlear implants
and speech-language training ensure that the child can keep up with his
peers ...

Multicore processor powers hearing aid - USA
About six million people now use hearing aids that cost about $350 or more
and require customization by an audiologist. As many as 300 million people
have ...

Girls’ Organization Helps Local Boy Get Hearing Aid
During last week's ‘Someone 2 Know' you met a boy who's been wearing
loaned hearing aids because his family cannot afford a new one. ...

Those who have hearing loss face difficult decisions
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
You've probably seen the commercials that brag about the newest and tiniest
hearing aids. Although most will find greater benefits from a bigger and
more ...

Can I hear you now? Yes. I can even hear birds singing.
Local Tech Wire - Fort Mill,SC,USA
But new hearing aids have restored a dimension to my life that I had not
realized I had lost. Technology can be wonderful. Last year, I acquired a
hearing ...

Cell-phones for people who wear hearing aids - Fayetteville,NC,USA
They say they have these for people who wear hearing aids and I need one
because I wear a hearing aid. — RM, Fayetteville A: First, the bad news:
Cricket ...

'Don8 2 those who can't hear u now'
Ha'aretz - Tel Aviv,Israel
The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel also provides
the same service, but bureaucracy sometimes means the hearing aids take
months ...

The Human Spirit: And he heard
Jerusalem Post - Israel
AT FIRST, they tried a combination of hearing aids and therapy. "I must
have said the word 'auto' a million times," says Barkan. "I was a complete
wreck. ...

Superior Sound Amplifies Quality of Life for the Deaf
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Traditional hearing aids use air conduction to transmit sound through the
ear canal. However, people with a damaged middle ear cannot benefit from
this type ...

What to do for ringing in the ears? - Erie,PA,USA
Perhaps hearing aids will solve your problem. They are well-advanced in
comparison to the large units of a few years ago and provide great relief
for many ...

Someone 2 Know: Fransisco Avila
Temporary hearing aids help him have as normal a childhood as possible.
While ‘Nevada Hearing Specialists' graciously loaned out the hearing

The problem with buying hearing aids online
TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA
Over the last few years, the prices of hearing aids have fallen sharply.
This fall in price is mostly due to 2 factors. The first factor is hearing
aids are ...

Hearing-aid specialist listens to help patients get tuned in
Charleston Post Courier - Charleston,SC,USA
Standing in front of a poster illustrating old-time hearing aids,
Waddington shows examples of the much smaller modern devices that are

Blog-Induced Memories
MyFox Dallas - Dallas,TX,USA
He has been through several hearing aids - as technology grew, he would
have new ones fitted for him...

Access in all senses - UK
... such as having induction loops which are in working order for people
who use hearing aids, or providing access to interpreters where necessary.

Audiallo, Syzygy win at Ga. Tech competition
Triangle Business Journal - Raleigh,NC,USA
Audiallo, a semiconductor company that aims to improve the listening
experience for users of hearing aids and consumer electronics, won first

Judy Russell: New system keeps hearing-impaired 'in the loop'
Oshkosh Northwestern - Oshkosh,WI,USA
Hearing aids with telecoils (a "T" switch) can now serve as in-the-ear

VSN's Rogan doesn't let disability get in his way
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
Though there is no rule against wearing hearing aids while wrestling, Rogan
does not use them because they whistle when covered with his headgear. ...

From silence to sound
Daily Breeze - Torrance,CA,USA
Miles was equipped with hearing aids, which his parents learned later had
been set improperly. This mistake made his progress so slow that doctors

Boys Town Grant To Study Children with Hearing Loss
Researchers at the three sites will explore the effects of educational
programs and audiological services, such as hearing aids, on the outcomes
of young...

Think Outside the Recycling Bin
WJHG-TV - Panama City,FL,USA
Hearing Aids –- The Starkey Hearing Foundation
( recycles used hearing aids of any make or
model and no matter how old. ...

Aging Brain May Contribute to Some Hearing Loss
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
"Hearing aids don't help all older adults," she noted. "They can improve
audibility for many, but there are additional problems going on at the
level of the ...

Documents needed to solve hearing-aid issue
Press of Atlantic City - Atlantic City,NJ,USA
I was fitted in July for hearing aids. My left one is fine, but the right
was not fitted properly. I couldn't insert it all the way. I had both
hearing aids ...

Monica Wiser is living with hearing loss
Beaufort Gazette - Beaufort,SC,USA
Diagnosed with hearing loss as a child, Wiser didn't get her first pair of
hearing aids until the age of 8.

Media dis&dat: Deaf model fights discrimination in fashion industry
By BA Haller
Since leaving Britain's Missing Top Model, Ms Moody has been able to land a permanent modelling contract with Siemens Hearing Instruments, but even she admits it would be a major triumph to model clothes rather than hearing aids.

Vietnam Business News: Danish group opens new Sai Gon facility
By Vietnam Business News
Located on 11000 sq. m., the facility will produce micro-acoustic and electro-mechanical solutions for hearing instruments and professional audio and mobile terminals, including silicon microphones based on micro-electric mechanism ...

Bad vibrations
The Australian - Sydney,Australia
“But eventually, hearing aids will develop to where they give better than
normal hearing. Maybe that will turn the image.” Soon, hearing aids will
be able ...

Frankfort Faces: She's my ears - Frankfort,KY,USA
Callie works as a service dog for Mindy, who is deaf and has worn hearing
aids since she was 2 years old. "She is in short, my ears," Mindy says. ...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Latest Stories on Hearing and HIs - February 22nd 2009

iPod Safety: Are Your Earphones Causing Hearing Loss?
Listen for too high and too long, and you may have to replace those
headphones with hearing aids in the not too distant future.

Hearing aids sold over kin's objection - Des Moines,IA,USA
State regulators say the dealer, Timothy Knoell of Atlantic, sold hearing
aids to a man with dementia, even though the customer's daughter asked him
not to. ...

Brewer Player Using Disability To His Advantage
WCSH-TV - Portland,ME,USA
While he can read lips and use sign language to communicate, Billy also
uses a set of hearing aids. He got his first set at the age of 2 and
learned to ...

Letter: Kindness, effort in hearing aid's return - MI,USA
by Violet Jewett | Ypsilanti Last summer I discovered one of my hearing
aids was missing. After waiting and searching for some time I finally
purchased a ...

Utah Children Need Your Used Hearing Aids - Hickory,NC,USA
For the 150 children born in Utah each year with hearing problems, hearing
aids are critical to the normal development of speech. You can help many of
these ...

Children's health: Help with hearing
The Union of Grass Valley - Grass Valley,CA,USA
By Laura Brown A parent of a child with hearing loss who struggles with the
high cost of hearing aids often must wait up to 18 months to qualify for a
set ...

Study blames brain for hearing loss caused by aging - IL, USA
They say this is important because hearing aids don't help all older
adults, and this raises the issue that there are problems going on in the
brain that ...

American ambassador
Southwest Virginia Today - Richlands,VA,USA
Although Ma’sum, who suffers from around 50 percent hearing loss, said
he’s still getting used to the acoustics of the hearing aids, he said
they are ...

Elmore girl gets the help to hear
Port Clinton News Herald - Port Clinton,OH,USA
Brandy's insurance wouldn't cover the digital hearing aids that would best
benefit Courttany. They would only provide analog hearing aids, which
wouldn't ...

All-Star Insider: Allen Iverson's new do? The Answer leaves LeBron ...
The Plain Dealer - - Cleveland,OH,USA
"This is only the second time I have been out in public since I got my
hearing aids," Russell said. "When I thought I was going to be with the
guys from the ...

Bill's World: Drop your pennies, grab your hearing aid
Gaston Gazette - Gastonia,NC,USA
"I have two hearing aids," I tell him, "and I can hear better out of my
left ear than my right." "I also have hearing aids," he tells me, pulling
something ...

Sound of speed: Hearing loss an inevitable part of racecar driving
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
"I'm the only driver from my [generation] that doesn't wear two hearing
aids." Through years of racing since he was a child, slowly but surely, ...

Please repeat that ...
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
As only a tiny fraction of people who need hearing aids are using them, it
is important to let people understand that there are technologies that
could help ...

Lip service
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
PEOPLE with hearing loss can improve their hearing with hearing aids, but
it is not a substitute for normal, healthy hearing. The following are a few
things ...

These aren't your granddad's hearing aids
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
Barely-there hearing aids these days can be digital, programmed and
remote-controlled, he said. The technology has come a long way from the
brass horns that ...